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    3. understand us

      Lintong science and technology is committed to building

      Build a hundred years of intelligent energy enterprises.


      Lintong science and technology is located in Liaoning province Bohai five point line coastal industrial base, national hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Yingkou Lintong myth of Amperex Technology Limited and Yingkou communications equipment Co. Ltd. two subsidiary company. The company is a high-tech enterprise of the country and the world's only a set of multi energy complementary, LED energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and control system of product development, production, application, sales and service in one of the world's leading; is the application of smart energy technology solutions provider; science and technology edition of listed companies.


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      Lintong  Technology

      Address: Hong Sheng Jie West District of Liaoning city of Yingkou province No. 33

      Zip code: 115004

      Tel: 0417-6615361 Fax: 0417-6615345

      URL: www.nagamas77.com

      Mobile: 18841745500

      Email: cleanworth@ltwn.cn

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